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Be the Pulse of Tomorrow

At Nielsen Digital Voice, we’re committed to shaping the digital world and we know exactly how to do that – you! You are the pulse of the ever-changing content that lives on the Internet. You have many interests, habits, and reasons for going online. You know what you love and dive headfirst into new passions. By tapping into you, we can capture the things you do today to help set the expectation for tomorrow.

Why Join Nielsen Digital Voice?

When you become a member of Nielsen Digital Voice, you are joining thousands of US households already helping to shape the future of the Internet. Learning more about what you do online will actively help businesses and consumers discover Internet trends. To reward you for your important contributions, you’ll earn regular entries into our $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes - where we give away up to $120,000 a year! The longer you stay with us, the more chances you have to win. Learn more about our Rewards.

Why Trust Nielsen Digital Voice?                

For over 90 years, Nielsen has been a trusted global leader in media measurement. Your privacy and security are our top priority. Be assured that we will never share or reveal your personal information and our app is 100% safe and secure. More questions? Visit our Privacy Policy and FAQs.